Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co., Ltd.

Goss Graphic Systems China (GGSC) Wisprint, a brand active in China since 2016, a major player in single-width newspaper machines, cooperated in the development of the best seller Magnum Compact. The Wisprint brand was launched globally in 2018 representing Goss Graphic Systems (China) Co. Ltd., on the world market as a completely independent company. The rebranding of the products is to differentiate the company in the market, and to establish a clear identity. The Wisprint line includes printers of all formats for the production of newspapers, magazines, publications, catalogs, insertion, commercial printing, packaging and labels, offset and flexo printing, books and special applications.


Based on sustainable technology, Goss Graphic Systems (China) introduced the highly automated Wisprint WS-D web offset press for high quality production of books and commercial material. This printer was installed in book printers not only in China, but internationally.


In the field of commercial printing, productivity, reliability, simplified operation are increasingly necessary requirements. In addition, print quality expectations and response times are also becoming more critical. According to market conditions, Goss Graphic Systems (China) offers a wide range of commercial printers to meet customer demands.


Considering the trends of environmental protection and the increasing awareness of Packaging ', Goss Graphic Systems (China) has developed environmentally friendly products for packaging printers. We offer more efficient offset printers, as well as a flexo printer, an option to print with water-based ink.


The Wisprint series of newspaper printers can meet all the requirements of the most demanding newspaper or graphic publishers hired from small to large. Adapting to the best productivity, single and double circumference machines are available, in 8 and 16 pages (tabloid), with speeds of 35,000 to 80,000 copies per hour. Wisprint newspaper printers are modular in design and can be easily expanded to meet new demands based on growing customer business.


Maximizing customer satisfaction is our main service concept. Provide the best possible service to customers throughout the pre-sale, sale and after-sale. Our team works closely with our customers and provides valuable suggestions and solutions based on our customers' current and future expectations.

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